About Me

February 11, 2016

My name is David Lasry, and I’m originally from Paris, France. I started playing the piano at the age of 6. I began with classical piano lessons with several teachers, as my mother wanted me to learn how to play. I never really enjoyed the lessons then.

My parents brought a piano home, and since then, I was always trying to play popular songs by ear. It could be songs I have learnt at school, songs I had listened to on the radio, or songs I heard at synagogue. I became addicted to picking up any melody by ear, and finding nice chords to accompany it. I also used to sing while playing the piano. I was enjoying that much more than the piano lessons I was taking at the time.

Therefore, at the age of 15, I decided to stop taking lessons. I preferred to search for a new way to improve my playing, and to improvise freely on the piano.

A few years later, I discovered a  jazz school not far from where I lived, and decided to learn jazz piano. It was really interesting since I could finally understand all of the theory and concepts that were behind what I was playing on my own. After my university studies, I decided to dedicate one year to learning and playing piano, and registered in a Jazz Music program at EJMA in Lausanne (Switzerland). There, I learned a lot about music; jazz music in particular. Most of all, I had the opportunity to play with other musicians, which was a very enriching experience.

At the same time, I really wanted to share what I had learned so far with other people, and started to teach. To this day, this is something I enjoy doing, and I am convinced that anyone can learn to play the piano in a fun way.